Authors & Illustrators

New Zealand Authors and Illustrators

  • Martin Baynton

    Martin Baynton is a writer and illustrator of children’s books.

  • Robyn Belton

    Robyn Belton is one of New Zealand’s best known and most celebrated children’s book illustrators.

  • Donovan Bixley

    Born in Australia, Donovan Bixley moved to New Zealand with his family as a young boy.

  • Joy Cowley

    Joy Cowley is one of New Zealand’s most celebrated authors.

  • Brian Falkner

    Brian Falkner was born and raised in Auckland.

  • Sharon Holt

    Sharon Holt grew up in Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Raymond Huber

    Raymond Huber lives in New Zealand.

  • Adrienne Kennaway

    Children's illustrator and writer Adrienne Kennaway was born in New Zealand.

  • Brian Lovelock

    Brian Lovelock is a scientist and illustrator working in the power industry in New Zealand.

  • Margaret Mahy

    Margaret Mahy has published over 200 children's titles and was awarded the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award for writing in 2006.

  • Tina Matthews

    Tina Matthews was born and raised in New Zealand and now lives in Sydney where she works as a writer and illustrator, and as a visiting author in schools and libraries.

  • Catherine Mayo

    Catherine Mayo grew up in Auckland and was a compulsive reader and dreamer.

  • Virginia Miller

    Virginia Miller's first children’s book, Squeak-a-lot written by Martin Waddell, was runner-up for the prestigious Mother Goose Award in 1991.

  • Sandra Morris

    Sandra Morris is an author and illustrator from New Zealand.

  • Lorraine Orman

    Lorraine has worn many hats, most of them relating to children's books: reader, librarian, parent, book reviewer, book promoter, and lastly, author.

  • John Parker

    John Parker is a children's author who also writes for adults as a journalist and radio scriptwriter.

  • Ruth Paul

    Ruth Paul lives in an off-grid straw bale house in the middle of a paddock under a wind farm just outside Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Elizabeth Pulford

    Elizabeth Pulford was born in Hamilton, Canada, but was brought up in New Zealand from the age of two.

  • Elena de Roo

    Elena de Roo is an Auckland children’s writer and poet.

  • Clare Scott

    Born in New Zealand last century, Clare Scott has tried lots of things in her life, such as manufacturing, nursing, selling, administrating, wife-ing, mothering, nana-ing, teaching, and writing.

  • Sally Sutton

    Sally Sutton

    Sally Sutton is the award-winning and bestselling author of Roadworks, Demolition and Construction.

  • Glenn Wood

    Glenn Wood grew up in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

  • Judy Zavos

    Originally from New Zealand, Judy Zavos’s father was working in India when she was born, and his work took the family to a number of countries.

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