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Nathan Luff

Nathan Luff

Nathan Luff grew up on a farm near Yass in rural New South Wales. He is one of five boys and his first novel, Chicken Stu (Scholastic, 2010), was inspired by some of the antics they got up to as kids. Nathan has studied playwriting and screenwriting at university and was nominated for an AWGIE award in 2007 for the play “Smashed”. The things Nathan enjoys most in this world (in order) are: stories, music, whales and sherbet lollipops. The things he enjoys least in this world (in order) are: quicksand, snakes, sunburn and golf. Nathan’s sport of choice is origami. Bad Grammar is his first title with Walker Books.

Books written by Nathan Luff

  • Bad Grammar

    By Nathan Luff

    Paperback, AUS $16.99, NZ $18.99
    Bad Grammar. This place is not a resort. It’s a last resort.

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