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Meredith Hooper

Australian-born writer and historian Meredith Hooper took her educational background in history and science and turned it into a writing career. Making science-based topics understandable in her nonfiction books for young readers, Hooper has produced award-winning fiction, such as her book "The Journal of Watkin Stench", which was shortlisted for the British Library Association's prestigious Carnegie Medal. In topics ranging from aviation and the development of the longest air route in the world to general histories of Australia, to histories of notable explorations, Hooper effectively transfers both information and her fascination with her chosen subject. Hooper moves to more physical human challenges in books such as "Who Built the Pyramid", featuring characters from the high priest to the chief minister to the stonemason to the water bearer working on the job site, who each answer the title question by claiming that they alone constructed the pyramid of King Senwosret of Egypt. Other books include, "The Island That Moved: How Shifting Forces Shaped Our Earth", "River Story" and "The Drop in My Drink".

Books written by Meredith Hooper

  • River Story

    By Meredith Hooper
    Illustrated by Bee Willey

    Paperback, AUS $16.99, NZ $18.99
    A lyrical, beautifully illustrated account of a river's journey from its source to the sea – supports key stage 1-2 Geography.

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