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Eric Maddern

Eric Maddern was born in 1950 in Whyalla, South Australia, where his father was working in the iron mines. The family came to Britain, where his mother died from polio when he was 6. Eric attended Sheffield University where he studied Social Psychology. After graduating from college, he spent a decade travelling the world and studying dance, voice, theatre, massage, yoga, and meditation. Becoming involved in community arts while working with Aboriginal people in central Australia, he eventually returned to London, where his job for the Commonwealth Institute as an exhibition coordinator developed into a career as a storyteller, songwriter, and speaker. Since 1986 he has lived on a 5-acre site in Snowdonia on which he has built a Celtic roundhouse and has pioneered storytelling at historic sites, men's rites of passage and telling the Universe Story. Eric's books include Earth Story, Life Story, Curious Clownfish and Rainbow Bird. The Fire Children, illustrated by Frané Lessac, was chosen for Children’s Books of the Year 1994 (UK).
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