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Clare Scott

Born in New Zealand last century, Clare Scott has tried lots of things in her life, such as manufacturing, nursing, selling, administrating, wife-ing, mothering, nana-ing, teaching, and writing. All of these things involve using lots of words, but writing is the best! Clare has a patient and quiet husband, three grown and noisy children, and is a proud nana. There’s the furry family too – two dogs and two cats. They are good at listening, keeping feet warm, and leaving fur around the house. Clare’s hobbies include writing (surprise!), reading, the boat, the beach and the bush, writing, and doing things with family, friends and the dogs. And writing! (Did she mention that already?). Her first book for Walker Books was The Great Shave, also part of the Lightning Strikes series.

Books written by Clare Scott

  • Egghead

    By Clare Scott

    Paperback, AUS $12.99, NZ $15.99
    The story of a boy who ends up with egg on his head – and who triumphs as a result!

  • The Great Shave

    By Clare Scott

    Paperback, AUS $12.99, NZ $15.99
    A wacky story about turning disaster into triumph which demonstrates how legends come in all shapes, sizes - and colours!

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