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How can I contact your permissions department?

If you wish to use content from our titles and/or this site, it is best to submit your permission request in writing, via email, to permissionswba@walkerbooks.com.au, including "permission request" in the subject line. Alternatively you can contact us on Tel: (02) 9517 9577.

As most requests need to go via our parent company in the UK, we estimate a minimum of six weeks from the date of submission for a response to be received to any request, but this estimation may be subject to variation. Please allow sufficient time for our response.

Walker Books reserves all rights in its publications – you may NOT assume if you have submitted a request that permission is granted to you unless and until we have sent you a formal permission licence. You should bear in mind that it takes time to process requests, and we do not always control all rights in the material being requested from us.

When contacting us for permission, please ensure to include the following information relevant to your request, together with your contact details, including a postal address:

* Exact material to be used – both text and illustrations – including page and/or figure numbers from our book (or please attach a copy of the exact material requested indicating its context).
* Commercial, educational or non-profitable – please indicate which category of usage is planned.
* Territory for distribution (e.g. local area, UK, Europe, Commonwealth, the World).

Please also supply details of the following depending on the proposed use of the material:

Publication – books:
* Author name and title of your publication.
* Is your book to be published in hardback, paperback or both?
* Is your book for educational or trade distribution?
* Name of your publisher and probable publication date of your book.
* Estimated number of copies to be printed and proposed retail price for each format requested.
* Approximate number of pages in your book and percentage of that number taken up by our material.
* Territory in which your book will be published.
* Language(s) in which your book will be published.
* Do you plan to re-illustrate?

Publication – newspapers/magazines:
* Publication date of the relevant issue of your newspaper/magazine.
* Approximate circulation of your newspaper/magazine.
* Territory in which your newspaper/magazine is distributed.
* Language(s) in which your newspaper/magazine is published.
* Retail price of your newspaper/magazine.
* One-off or serial usage (if latter give details as to frequency and dates for proposed usage)?

* What is the proposed download/yearly license fee for your website?
* At what market is the website aimed?
* URL/website address on which our material will be used.
* Whether the website is password protected or generally available to all via the internet.
* How long will our material remain on your website?

Audio/Audio-visual recording (e.g. tape cassette, CD, video, DVD):
* Will this be a straight reading of the text and/or showing of illustrations? (Please specify.)
* If illustrations are to be used do you propose a partial or full dramatization?
* For what market is the recording planned (e.g. commercial, educational, disabled)?
* How many units do you plan to manufacture?
* Where do you plan to distribute the recording (e.g. local area, UK, Europe, Commonwealth, the World)?
* Approximate length of the recording and percentage of that length taken up by our material.
* Proposed retail price.

Public Performance/Dramatisation:
* On what date(s) will the performance(s) take place?
* Where is the performance venue and what is the seating capacity?
* How many performances are planned?
* What is the exact nature of the performance / how will the material be used?
* Will there be a musical accompaniment to the piece?
* How many tickets do you plan to sell and at what price?

Event Promotion:
* In what ways will the material be used to promote the event?
* For how long is the event planned (1 week/month/year)?

Television or Radio:
* Is a straight reading of the text and/or showing of illustrations planned? (Please specify.)
* If illustrations to be used, do you propose a partial or full dramatisation?
* What is the proposed duration of the programme?
* Where will the programme be broadcast?
* What are the planned date(s) of broadcast?
* Approximate length of the programme and percentage of that length taken up by our material.

Teaching Aid:
* In what context will the material be used?
* Will the material be sold as part of a teachers' pack?
* Do you plan to include photocopiable sheets?
* What is the proposed retail price of the teaching aid?
* Do you plan to re-illustrate?


The above questions are intended as guidelines only to help with your permission request. They are not exhaustive and therefore we ask you to supply as much information as possible about your proposal.

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