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  • Fly On The Wall: Roman Fort

    NS-PB, AUS $16.95, NZ $18.99
    Part of the award-winning Fly on the Wall series.

  • Fly On The Wall: Viking Longship

    NS-PB, AUS $16.95, NZ $18.99
    A fact-packed book to inspire children to learn more about the Viking way of life.

  • Daisy's Big Dig

    NS-PB, AUS $16.95, NZ $18.99
    New exciting paperback!

  • Actual Size

    NS-HB, AUS $27.95, NZ $29.99
    All animals including elephant's foot, gorilla's hand, teeth of a great white shark illustrated at actual size!

  • Rabbit And His Zodiac Friends

    NS-PB, AUS $16.95, NZ $18.99

  • Helping Little Star

    NS-PB, AUS $14.95, NZ $16.99

  • Eyes Wide Open: What's Behind The Environmental Headlines

    NS-PB, AUS $14.95, NZ $16.99
    Paul Fleischman offers teens an environmental wake-up call and a tool kit for decoding the barrage of conflicting information confronting them.

  • Letters To Leo

    NS-PB, AUS $16.95, NZ $18.99
    "Upbeat and chirpy, and decorated with lots of kid-style illustrations, Leo evokes sympathy with a light touch." - School Library Journal

  • One Death, Nine Stories

    NS-HB, AUS $24.95, NZ $27.99
    How could one teenage boy's life elicit other kids' first experiences - even after he dies? Nine interconnected stories from nine top YA writers.

  • Grandpa's Guardian Angel

    NS-PB, AUS $16.95, NZ $18.99
    With gentle visual humour, Jutta Bauer's simple story shows how Grandpa's charmed life may be due to someone special watching over him all along.

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