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Little One: Story Of A Red-tail Monkey

Kaitie was four years old when she traveled with her mother to Uganda, where her mum was going to study chimpanzees. One day, a two-week old orphaned red-tailed monkey was bought to their sanctuary. As the adults were all busy working with chimps, Kaitie was placed in charge of caring for the tiny monkey. This is the true story of Kaitie s friendship with the baby monkey she called The Little One . It is the story of an extraordinary young girl, and one adventurous year in Africa.

  • Amazing, beautiful and very cute original photos of Kaitie and the Little One.
  • Children will be enthralled by Kaitie s story what child would not want a baby monkey as a pet?
  • Includes maps and fact pages on Red-tailed monkeys.

About the author

Kaitie Afrika Litchfield was born in Adelaide in 1998. She is in grade 5, and spends as much time as possible with her mum, Dr Carla Litchfield, at Adelaide and Monarto Zoos. Kaitie wants to work with wolves when she is older, She is a keen drummer, and lives in Adelaide with her mum and pets: a python, bearded dragons, two cats and a dog.

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