Judy Moody And The Poop Picnic

By Megan McDonald

Based on the Judy Moody movie!

Judy is desperately trying to earn thrill points, so she plans a trip to the Cemetery Creep 'n' Crawl. Meanwhile, Stink has been collecting all the samples and evidence he can in his efforts to catch Bigfoot. Add Aunt Opal's crazy driving (and bad sense of direction), and somehow they all end up at an abandoned amusement park, eating scat sandwhiches. That's gotta be worth some thrill points

  • Illustrated in full-color with stills from the film
  • Perfect for younger Judy fans or new readers

ISBN: 9780763655532
Distributor: Harper Collins Distribution Services for Australia and New Zealand
Binding: NON S
Release Date: September 1, 2011
Dimensions: 155 x 230mm, 48pp
Stock Status: INDENT
Australian RRP: $11.99
New Zealand RRP: $12.99
Stock Level: Stock Low

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