Hairy Toe

By Daniel Postgate

In this spine-tickling traditional tale, an old woman finds a hairy toe--and soon the owner comes looking for it!

While out picking beans an old woman finds a hairy toe -- and soon wishes she hadn't -- especially when its owner comes looking for it... Humorously illustrated by Daniel Postgate this spine-tickling traditional tale is perfect for spooky nights and shouts to be read out loud!

  • Reissue of the traditional American tale.

About the author

Daniel Postgate is the illustrator of many children s books including "Smelly Bill" and "The Richest Crocodile in the World". When not illustrating, Daniel loves to either cook or sleep. (Both of which he's very good at!)

ISBN: 9781406322521
Distributor: Harper Collins Distribution Services for Australia and New Zealand
Binding: NON S
Release Date: May 1, 2009
Dimensions: 215 x 261mm, 32pp
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Australian RRP: $16.99
New Zealand RRP: $18.99
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