By Cynthia Leitich Smith

The author of Tantalize revisits a deliciously dark world where vampires vie with angels and girls just want to have fangs.

CLASSIFIED ADS: WANTED Personal assistant to Her Royal Highness. Duties: Whatever is asked, without hesitation, including but not limited to secretarial / administrative, household, defence, blood donation, driving, companionship, prey disposal, and love slavery. At last, Miranda is the life of the party: all she had to do was die. Elevated and adopted by none other than the reigning King of the Mantle of Dracul, Miranda goes from high school theatre wannabe to glamorous royal fiend overnight. Meanwhile, Zachary, her reckless and adoring guardian angel, demoted to human guise as the princess s personal assistant, must try to save his girl s soul before all hell arrives, quite literally, on their castle doorstep. In alternating points of view, vampire Miranda and angel Zachary navigate a cut-throat eternal aristocracy as they play out a dangerous love story for the ages.

  • A sexy story about forbidden love and deathly attraction
  • "Stephenie Meyer, honey, watch out. Twilight fans, you are gonna LOVE Eternal." - Dallas Morning News
  • "The pace of this entertaining romp is quick and the action plentiful." - Kirkus

About the author

Cynthia Leitich Smith is the acclaimed author of Tantalize and several other books for young readers. A member of the faculty at the Vermont College MFA programme in writing for children and young adults, she lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, author Greg Leitich Smith.

ISBN: 9781406325003
Distributor: Harper Collins Distribution Services for Australia and New Zealand
Binding: NON S
Release Date: December 1, 2009
Dimensions: 130 x 195mm, 320pp
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Australian RRP: $17.99
New Zealand RRP: $21.99
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