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  • Maisys Band

    By Lucy Cousins

    NS-HB, AUS $24.95, NZ $26.99
    Another fantastic interactive title from Maisy with jazzy pull-outs and a spectacular pop-up finale!

  • Megumi And The Bear

    By Irma Gold
    Illustrated by Craig Phillips

    NS-HB, AUS $27.95, NZ $29.99
    A beautiful story about friendship.

  • Mole's Sunrise

    By Jeanne Willis
    Illustrated by Sarah Fox-Davies

    NS-HB, AUS $29.95, NZ $31.99
    A beautifully illustrated and movingly written story about a blind mole who wonders what a sunset is like.

  • Monkey And Elephant

    Illustrated by Galia Bernstein

    NS-PB, AUS $11.95, NZ $12.99
    "Elephant and Monkey exude personality... A welcome addition to the early-reader shelf." - Kirkus Reviews

  • Monkey And Elephant

    NS-HB, AUS $19.95, NZ $24.99
    Monkey may scamper and Elephant galump, but they re the best of buddies as they search for shade. That is, when they re not bickering about how to get there!

  • Monkey And Elephant Get Better

    Illustrated by Galia Bernstein

    NS-HB, AUS $19.95, NZ $24.99
    When two friends who are not exactly alike come down with colds, figuring out what will make each other feel better can be a surprising endeavor!

  • Monkey And Elephant Go Gadding

    Illustrated by Galia Bernstein

    NS-HB, AUS $19.95, NZ $22.99
    Monkey and Elephant are out and about in their third adventure. You never know what fun surprises you ll find when you go gadding!

  • Monkey And Elephant Go Gadding

    NS-PB, AUS $11.95, NZ $13.99
    "These pals are reminiscent of other endearing friendship pairs such as Frog and Toad and Elephant and Piggie." - School Library Journal

  • My Friend Is Sad

    By Mo Willems

    NS-PB, AUS $11.95, NZ $12.99
    One of a series of delightfully humorous award-winning tales for beginner readers from an internationally acclaimed author-illustrator.

  • My Worst Best Friend

    By Dyan Sheldon

    NS-PB, AUS $16.95, NZ $21.99
    A warm, smart and very funny look at the friendship between two very different girls.

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