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  • The Boy Who Climbed Into The Moon

    NON S, AUS $16.99, NZ $18.99
    A magnificent tale of crackpot notions and sky-high courage - from David Almond, the master of magical realism, with illustrations by the award-winning Polly Dunbar.

  • The Boy Who Swam With Piranhas

    By David Almond
    Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers

    NON S, AUS $19.99, NZ $24.99
    Multi-award-winning author David Almond brings us a joyfully life-affirming and fabulously fishy tale about one boy's journey from anguish to joy.

  • The Brain Sucker

    By Glenn Wood

    NON S, AUS $16.99, NZ $18.99
    How would you act if part of your personality was stolen with a brain-sucking machine?

  • The Bully Chip

    By Glenn Wood

    NON S, AUS $16.99, NZ $18.99
    Callum thought things would be better after he and his friends defeated the evil Lester Smythe, but his world has just begun to crumble

  • The Cat With The Coloured Tail

    NON S, AUS $19.99, NZ $24.99
    A magical cat, an ice-cream van that makes delicious moon-creams and a quest to bring joy to those who need it most.

  • The Colour Of Trouble

    By Gerry Bobsien

    NON S, AUS $18.99, NZ $21.99
    Maddy can t stop making things: art, fashion and, most of all, TROUBLE.

  • The Comic Cafe

    By Roger Stevens

    NON S, AUS $13.99, NZ $15.99
    Laugh-out-loud family mystery story from well-known children's poet.

  • The Cruelty

    NON S, AUS $18.99, NZ $21.99

  • The Curse Of The Buttons

    NON S, AUS $19.99, NZ $22.99
    Fans of the hapless Button family will thrill to this Civil War prequel, featuring the inimitable "Granddaddy Ike" as a boy.

  • The Dark Game

    By Paul B. Janeczko

    NON S, AUS $29.99, NZ $34.99
    From clothesline codes to surveillance satellites and cyber espionage, Paul B. Janeczko uncovers two centuries worth of true spy stories in U.S. history.

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