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  • Forget Me Not

    By Sue Lawson

    NS-PB, AUS $16.95, NZ $18.99
    The story of one family's voyage on the Titanic.

  • Great And The Dangerous Ministry Of

    By Chris Westwood

    NS-PB, AUS $16.95, NZ $18.99
    Follow-up to the highly acclaimed Ministry of Pandemonium.

  • Halfling, The

    By Rebecca Lloyd

    NS-PB, AUS $15.95, NZ $17.99
    A captivating first novel from new writer Rebecca Lloyd, in which magic and imagination thrive among the mundane issues of a boy s everyday life.

  • Immortal, The

    By Michael Panckridge

    NS-PB, AUS $16.99, NZ $18.99
    He could scarcely move. His limbs should have been wasted, his skin sallow, teeth rotting inside cracked and swollen lips. He should be blind by now. The Mikado. What amazing powers did this magical potion contain?

  • In The Wings

    By Elsbeth Edgar

    NS-PB, AUS $16.95, NZ $18.99
    How can you dream of being an actor when you suffer from terrible stage fright?

  • Ministry Of Pandemonium, The

    By Chris Westwood

    NS-PB, AUS $16.95, NZ $18.99
    Highly commercial supernatural novel appealing to fans of bestselling authors Neil Gaiman, Darren Shan, Derek Landy, Joseph Delaney

  • Nature Of The Beast, The

    By Janni Howker

    NS-PB, AUS $15.95, NZ $17.99
    A powerful novel about a community devastated by unemployment and shaken by the fear of a terrifying beast roaming the moors which young Bill Coward is determined to track down at any cost.

  • Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out

    By N.C.B.L.A

    NS-PB, AUS $29.95, NZ $35.99
    Now in paperback! If books were measured like elections, this would win in a landslide. USA Today

  • Paper Things

    NS-HB, AUS $19.95, NZ $22.99
    When forced to choose between staying with her guardian and being with her big brother, Ari chose her big brother. There's just one problem - Gage doesn't actually have a place to live.

  • Plenty

    By Ananda Braxton-Smith

    NS-PB, AUS $14.95, NZ $16.99
    A place to call home.

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